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Friday 17. December 2021.

Ferdinand knedle brand recently celebrated its fifth birthday and the best way to celebrate is when you see a potential for further growth and development. Ferdinand knedle signed its first franchise contract to open 1+1 objects in Zagreb, Croatia, which presents the start of the second phase of development of a brand that started its business in November 2016.

Knödels with plums or apricots present a tradition in many countries in Central and Eastern Europe. We have enjoyed them as children, looked forward to weekends and family lunches when they would be on the table. However, due to the tempo and our way of life, this traditional dish because of its long preparation process has been made less and less in households, which led to the idea of starting a first specialized shop for preparation and production of knödels in a traditional way, by the name of Ferdinand knedle.

As soon as the brand appeared, knödels as a traditional dish got a completely new dimension. For the first time, the range of flavors has been expanded as well as the sprinkles that gave colorful look to this treat that also developed and changed over time.

After five years of doing business, Ferdinand knedle started its second phase of brand development that presented a long-term vision from its very first business plan, which is an expansion to other markets via franchises.

The first franchise contract on opening 1+1 objects in Zagreb during 2022 has been signed with a partner company and lovers of knödels will be able to enjoy Ferdinand knödels in the city center by the end of February.

CEO of the company, Nikola Nedeljkovic, after signing the contract said: ‘Signing of the franchise contract is another confirmation of recognizing the quality we have shown in our business. This will also be a new experience for us. We will carefully consider all aspects of how our franchise works during the opening of the first stores in Zagreb, with a goal to make an efficient system that we could one day implement in new markets.’

Aside from the first franchise contract, Ferdinand knedle is opening its production facility in Samobor, Croatia. This further expands the capacities that could long-term satisfy additional brand plans on opening new stores, but also expand to other countries in the EU. Aside from plans for further development, opening a production facility in Samobor allows Ferdinand knedle to continue with its mission that is based on delivering fresh products prepared on the same day.

The brand bases its recognition on the quality of the product that comes from the use of the highest quality local ingredients as well as the use of the finest Belgian chocolates, first-class fruit, crèmes, and sprinkles, which allows every dessert lover to feel like an emperor when they feel like eating knödels.